Kisses for Lula chapter one linkClick on the pinkest cover in the world to read the first couple of chapters.

WARNING: Lula may infect you with her craziness. You may find yourself daydreaming, eating more chocolate than is good for you and spending a LOT of time talking about boys, wearing unsuitable shoes and plotting how to take down bad men with guns.

BUT: Most probably you will enjoy the ride . . .


Lula Does the Hula front cover

Just when you thought our favourite girl next door couldn’t get into any more trouble . . .

YEGADS! She’s gone and got herself embroiled in all the latest local horror(s)!

Click on the book cover to view a classified document – first proofs of a yet-to-be-released book. Lula Does the Hula will be published in June, but you can preorder from Amazon now (just got to Shop, above) in case you’re the kind of person who forgets stuff all the time, like, um, me.

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