Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 24

My First Reader Letter

There is something completely cool about getting a letter. I bang on about this, and I’m sure people think I’m just locked in a time long, long ago, but nothing beats the printed word on paper. The marks where someone does an emphatic full stop, or underlines a few times. Or draws a funny face …

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Mar 04

World Book Day

So yesterday I went up to Corby Business Academy to talk to girls (no boys were allowed, except a photographer from a local newspaper who papped us all!) about Kisses for Lula. Librarian Amy Mackay was uber brilliant, and put on an incredible party for everyone. From pink satin bags to pink cupcakes (thanks, Bernie!) …

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Mar 02

I Have Cut the Top of My Head Off On Purpose

I don’t know about you, but I like knowing who I’m talking to. So I’ve been all considerate and put up a pic of myself. You can see I’m heading for the wrong side of . . . um . . . thirty? . . . and that really I should be taking life a whole lot …

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